About Me...

Hi there, my name's Odin. I was born in Leeds and grew up around West Yorkshire. When I was 12, we moved to London where I ended up going to boarding school for a couple of years.

At 16, I started living within a spiritual community, where I was first introduced to meditation, mindfulness, and elements of shamanism. I think it was possibly here, where my understanding of the importance of having compassion and empathy for people really started to grow. 

I moved to Prague in 1991, where I spent a couple of years teaching and mentoring at several schools, as the country made the transition from socialism.

I went on to live and work in Germany, Spain and Brazil. In Brazil, as well as teaching and translating, I also worked in one of São Paulo's favela communities, for a project dedicated to education and mentoring to help challenge the perceived cycle of poverty and crime.

I think that having lived in such different countries with such different cultures, speaking such different languages, has been an essential element in shaping how I interact with people today, forging my non-judgemental attitude and also giving me the privilege of years of really varied experiences of life being lived in such different ways. 

When I returned to the UK, I found that I was drawn to counselling and I was accepted onto the Counselling and Psychotherapy post graduate course at Keele University. After completing my Post Grad Certificate, I went on to do an MSc in counselling and psychotherapy. My research was specifically focussed on anger and shame in men and for this reason, I feel like I have an extra depth of knowledge in that area, and have therefore chosen it as a specialist area.

Although I consider male anger and shame and counselling for men specialist areas, I have the privilege of working with all clients, regardless of what is going on for them.

I love counselling, and have worked as a counsellor with both adults, kids and also students from both secondary school and university, working with a wide range of issues from depression, suicidal ideation, anger and rage, gender-related issues, self-worth, eating concerns, self harm and also areas relating to study, focus and achieving goals. This works well for me, as I also work as a life coach.


When working as a coach, I can bring not only my counselling and coaching skills, but also years of experience of living and working in different cultures and environments, all of which has contributed to the counsellor and coach I am today.

If you'd like to know anything further, please get in touch.

I look forward to meeting you.